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Mannum Bowling Club


96 players took part in the Dean Neumann Pie Floater Day sponsored by JJJ’s Diner of Mannum. This day is a very popular mixed fours tournament with one of the draw cards being the old favourite pie floaters for lunch.

Excellent conditions contributed to the challenging bowling as many players had their first roll up since the end of the previous season. Throughout the day prizes donated by Donna Neumann and Trevor Paech were given for touchers and resting touchers which added to the fun.

At the end of the day Donna Neumann was invited to assist with the presentations to the winning teams. Winners of the day were Murray Bridge team Charlie DiSanto (sk), Hugh Smythe, Jerry Penta and, Chook Kennedy. Finishing second also from Murray Bridge Graham Fromm (sk), Colin (Soupy) Stewart, Terry Morgan and Heather Fromm

Third spot went to local team Lynton Jones (sk), Gaynor Pitcher, Sue Jones, & Deb Peach.

Photos L to R – Winners

Jerry Penta, Charlie DiSanto, Donna Neumann, Chook Kennedy and Hugh Smythe

Runner-up: L to R

Back row: Graham Fromm, Colin (Soupy) Stewart, Terry Morgan

Front Row: Donna Neumann, Heather Fromm

Third: L to R

Donna Neumann, Gaynor Pitcher, Sue Jones, Trevor Paech and Lynton Jones.